Largest PULSE lineup fills both shows

By , Reporter  |  Monday, December 10, 2012 10:07 AM

Despite more than 10 inches of snow Sunday, PULSE performed its second show of the semester “Time Warp” to two packed audiences in the Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex.

The two shows featured more than 20 acts, including dances and musical performances. Songs from “Grease” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” as well as tunes by Aaron Carter and Britney Spears, added to the theme of the show.

“(The executive board) really liked the idea of ‘Time Warp’ just because dance and music are things that change and grow throughout time,” sophomore Keeley Norton, head of marketing and promotions for PULSE, said.

PULSE’s executive board started planning the theme and possible dates for the show last summer. All the performers have been working on their acts throughout the semester.

Senior Albert Conteh, co-head of choreography for PULSE, said one of his favorite parts of the organization is seeing new PULSE members “push themselves to the limits.”

“It’s fun to see the younger students grow into choreographers and dancers,” Conteh said. “There’s a growth there, they are willing to take more risks.”

While PULSE shows have typically been held on Friday nights in the past, the Sunday night switch didn’t seem to make a difference to audience members who filled the seats in both the 5:30 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. shows.

Senior Co-Head of Choreography Alyssa Wargin said she didn’t think the heavy snow dump during the day affected crowd numbers.

“A lot of members commented about how their parents weren’t able to get here because they live far away, but I think for the most part students still (made) it over,” Wargin said. “They love the shows.”

Sophomore Natalie Mathias said her commute to the PULSE show was “a little slow, but not too difficult.”

“(The show) was awesome,” Mathias said. “I like that there are vocals as well as dancing.”

Wargin said the show set a record for musical performances.

“This show had a lot more musical performances than we’ve ever had before, and they’re really diverse,” Wargin said.

While audience members were in abundance at Sunday’s shows, Public Safety was not present, as they have been at all previous PULSE shows.

“Due to the success and the control that we’ve been able to have at the events and all of our events in the past, it was deemed as unnecessary (to have an officer at the show),” PULSE adviser Nate Peterson said. “It saves us on budget, which is wonderful, but we did (have) a minimum of seven chaperones at each show.”

Peterson added that Public Safety was “well-aware” of the event, and that they maintained their regular presence on campus during the shows.

Despite changes in the show and in the weather, PULSE’s “Time Warp” was a hit.

“It was epic,” freshman Alec Steiner said. “I’m thinking of joining.”

Junior Megan Hoffman said the show was “super cool.”

“Throughout the semester, you meet all these people and you don’t really see that they have all these secret talents,” Hoffman said. “At the PULSE shows, it’s the best when you recognize people in your class that you never knew could do this.”

After PULSE’s Sunday show, the organization will break until February, when it will come back and begin planning for a spring show.

“We’ll always be back for another semester,” Norton said.

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  1. Katherine Curtis
    Dec. 11, 2012 2:54 AM

    I love the video piece to this article. It sums up the PULSE event without words — well done :)

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