Study shows eating junk food has negative effects

By , Chief Video Editor  |  Monday, May 26, 2014 11:05 PM

According to a UCLA psychology study, eating junk food is the main reason for laziness—not simply being overweight. However, students find it hard to balance healthy eating with a college lifestyle.

For sophomore Juan Ferreras-Camilo’s busy schedule, sometimes eating poorly is the only option.

“Sometimes you know it’s wrong for you. You know you’re supposed to eat healthy, but you just don’t have time. You have to turn in a project two minutes before it is due, and pizza is the only thing that is left, so you could starve or eat unhealthy,” Ferreras-Camilo said.

Psychology professor Britain Scott said she agrees with the study’s findings, but said that a lot of students don’t know how to actually eat in a healthy manner.

“One of the big issues in our society today is that people don’t know what it means to eat healthy, and there has been a lot of misinformation—even coming from nutrition scientists (and) from doctors,” Scott said.

Scott said nutrition science suggests that grains are inflammatory and cause bad reactions in our bodies over time.

“So it’s a lot healthier to have your brain burning fat—burning what are called ketones—and it can give you a much better sustained energy level, help you sleep better at night, and all of these things benefit functioning,” Scott said.

Scott suggested that the best way to fuel your brain is by purchasing whole, natural foods.

“Eat real food, not stuff that comes in packages, not stuff that’s been created. So, all of those middle aisles in the grocery store, skip them. Walk around the perimeter, get produce, fresh vegetables, fruit. Get meats,” Scott said. “Eating just whole food—real food—is the best choice that people can make.”

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  1. Amanda
    May. 27, 2014 8:14 AM

    Ketones are actually harmful for your body- they can cause a type of metabolic acidosis that can throw your body’s systems out of whack and make your blood more acidic and can cause inflammation- that is bad!! Carbs are not the enemy- OMG I can’t say that enough. Your heart, muscles, organs, etc can usually burn fat, carbs, and protein once they are in their most basic subunits . Your brain however, can ONLY use blood glucose as its fuel. This comes from carbs. Your brain needs carbs to function, and when we don’t have carbs, then it starts dipping into muscle stores,or breaking down protein, and in extreme cases, muscle , for fuel. All of that takes time and extra energy to turn those macronutrients into a usable form. Carbs and grains on the other hand are easily broken down and put to use. As long as you are not consuming an excess amount of carbs in one sitting, you should be fine, and you will be providing your body with necessary nutrients. Not tobsaybthat there aren’t better options when choosing carbohydrate- rich foods. Whole grains( brown rice, quinoa) and items such as nuts and berries provide fiber and vitamins that provide you with energy and antioxidants. All of this will increase your brains fuel supply and also provide the necessary components to fight bacteria and other agents that can cause damage in your body and decrease your ability to function and perform. Exercise has a huge component too but i don’t have enough room.

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