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By , Columnist  |  Sunday, September 8, 2013 10:08 PM

I’m a senior, and I’m not sure if I am excited about it. Over the course of this “final” summer, I’ve had fleeting moments of dread when I finally realized that the end of college is upon me. Every time I’ve had one of these horrific moments, I have been walking out of a movie theater.

I love the summer blockbuster season, and with a lot of exciting films out over the past few months, I decided to apply these movies to my senior year in hopes of making it a blockbuster in itself. These are some of the concepts I’m trying to inject into my last hurrah.

“Pacific Rim” – Go big, or go home.

I can’t afford a giant robot; I don’t know where to acquire giant sea monsters; and I don’t want to be blacklisted by the government for giant explosions. “Pacific Rim” has all of these things, but I’d rather take away the principle of “big” for my senior year.

Our society drives into our brains that the college years are the best of our lives. I want to make sure there are no dull moments during the school year. I want to ace every class, spend quality time with the people that matter, win a rugby national championship, and make progress with my internship. opinion

Maybe some of my goals are outlandish and will be hard to balance, but the whole “shoot for the moon and you’ll reach the stars” motto has me going right now because I want my senior year to be fantastic.

“The Wolverine” – Remember who you are.

I want metal claws that come out of my knuckles, but since that’s not realistic I’ll just grow my patchy mutton chops and call it a day. I’m very happy with the mentality I’ve “mutated” over three years.

My mousy freshman self, wandering the halls of Brady in search of math help, would be proud of “big boy” Alex. As absolutely corny as it sounds, you just have to be confident in who you are.

I’ve got one last year in this joint, and no time to spend on what others may think of me. I’m a rugby-playing, column-writing, choral-singing man on a mission. Think on the bright side, if you let everyone know what you’re really about and they don’t like it, you never have to see them again after May.

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” – If you don’t like it, start from scratch.

I love J.J. Abrams. He took over the dying Star Trek franchise and completely revamped it. While keeping the same characters and essence from the original, Abrams completely rewrote the storyline, forging a new path for the 47-year-old series. You can do the same thing without having to spend $190 million.

Guess what? That third episode of SportsCenter is going to be the same as the others, so get off the couch and get on campus. You’ll miss it later on. Work out, join clubs, go wander around the student center … just explore. There’s no reason to be bored in college, so take some initiative.

Nobody should be handed their diploma and then say, “Yeah, I guess I had a pretty good time.” Find something that will keep you more than occupied, and as Captain Kirk would say, “Boldly go” in that direction.

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