C-Store taking requests to increase store variety

The C-Store is trying to update its food variety, but student input is needed for the best results.

The C-Store’s current stock may work for some, but supervisor Joshua Moldenhauer wants a better selection for more students. In the Bulletin Today, Moldenhauer asked students to request what types of foods they would like to see at the C-Store.

The C-Store is located in the lower level of Murray-Herrick Campus Center. (Miles Trump/TommieMedia)
The C-Store is located in the lower level of Murray-Herrick Campus Center. (Miles Trump/TommieMedia)

“My timeline for analyzing the market is fairly short,” Moldenhauer said.

Available space in the C-Store is limited, and Moldenhauer does not want to waste stock. The C-Store attempted to include healthier food options but that change failed, Moldenhauer said.  He said he cannot predict what people will purchase with their money, so student input is his best bet for analyzing the market and trying something new.

Senior Katherine Dunlop thinks the change to healthier foods won’t be based on the input of all students.

“I think the students that want change are going to speak up,” Dunlop said.

But Dunlop said most college students will not speak up in favor of healthier foods.

“A lot of the healthier brands really require one to acquire a taste for the products,” Dunlop said. “But I think the desire is probably there.”

So far, more than 60 students have sent food requests to Moldenhauer. Moldenhauer said he will look first at the vendors of the products before he updates the stock.  He also plans on sending out another request to get even more student input.

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  1. How about ALL the ingredients needed to make a cake or brownies or something? I remember going in there and they sold oil and brownie mix, but I had to go grocery shopping to get eggs

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