For students, Valentine’s Day carries many meanings

While many people may not know it, Valentine’s Day has transformed from a law-breaking ritual to a $14 billion industry. From its secretive past to its lucrative future, it seems that some people just can’t agree on whether or not Valentine’s Day is a worthy cause for celebration.

St. Thomas students aren’t exempt from the confusion either.

“I think that it’s a great time for couples to spend with each other,” sophomore Lauren Pierotti said. “You don’t need to buy into all the hype. It’s just a good time to remind each other of all that you have.”

St. Thomas professor and author of “What Happy Couples Do” Carol Bruess said Valentine’s Day’s interesting past is sometimes overlooked and the day itself can be trying for some.

“Valentines day has become this sort of icon in our culture to embrace love,” she said. “I think some of us are a little bit critical if maybe we’re not experiencing that kind of joy at that moment.”

Sophomore Dakota Tracy would rather be focusing on another winter holiday.

“I’m more of a Christmas type of guy,” he said. ” Santa’s not coming to town, that’s for sure.”

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