Murray Hall residents share love one compliment at a time

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They call themselves the Komplement Krew. They’re made up of three St. Thomas freshmen who stand inside the Murray-Herrick Campus Center waiting to make you blush.

Some students enjoy the Krew’s compliments every Tuesday night, while others see them as an inspiration for the university.

“It’s just something we really enjoy doing,” said Landon Rick, freshman and co-founder of the Komplement Krew. “It makes people smile.”

Sophomore Evan Nolander said he was pleasantly surprised at his first compliment from the Krew.

“They said they like my hat and glasses,” he said. “I appreciated it because it’s what I wear when I don’t shower, and it makes me feel good that I can pull off the look.”

Some students, such as freshman Morgan Ihle, look forward to getting their compliments.

“One day I came to dinner late,” she said. “I just missed them. It was a bad Tuesday.”

The compliments aren’t the only things turning heads. Rick said a lot of students ask about the misspelling on their sign.

“We use K’s because it stands out, and we want people to have a double take at the sign,” he said. “The English majors really love it too.”

Murray Hall Operations Manager Adam Holmberg said the Krew should keep up the good work.

“There can never be too many compliments,” Holmberg said. “It really affects people and it brightens up their day.”

Junior Nick Kor said the Krew is a nice change of pace.

“Normally St. Thomas people don’t give out compliments,” he said. “But they do.”

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  1. What a great thing to do, everyone has a bad day now and then, so to hear a compliment is great! Good job guys keep up the good work!

  2. I’ve yet to see the Krew in action, but I can’t wait to receive my first complement from them.

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