Pass, set, spike! Students relieve finals week stress

St. Thomas students couldn’t resist the first annual Wellness Center Beach Volleyball competition on Saturday, May 12.

“I thought this would be a great idea to have at the end of the year, right before finals, relieve some stress and have some fun,” senior Wellness Center Event Coordinator Kathryn Lasher said.

Students entered the volleyball competition to win, but their confidence didn’t hinder these Tommies from enjoying the day to the fullest.

“I’m cutting up (my teammate’s) shirt because we’re Zombies in today’s volleyball tournament,” senior Bridget Kelly said. “Trying to get a little intimidation going.”

The volleyball competition was what initially drew students in, but the event also included a hula-hoop contest, water-balloon toss and connect four.

“I think its just a way for people to know that you can have fun on a Saturday,” Lashner said. “but next year and in the years to come, I’m sure it’ll get a lot bigger. I’m really excited to see what happens.”

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