PULSE performance shows love to dead King of Pop

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<p>SLIDESHOW: Photographer Aaron Hays was able to freeze PULSE's motion a few times. Check out the Michael Jackson tribute in still photos.</p>
SLIDESHOW: Photographer Aaron Hays was able to freeze PULSE's motion a few times. Check out the Michael Jackson tribute in still photos.

St. Thomas’ performing arts club PULSE made its first event of the year all about the dead pop icon Michael Jackson. The Sept. 15 tribute in the Brady Educational Center auditorium showcased all the M.J. favorites including a rendition of “Thriller.”

7 Replies to “PULSE performance shows love to dead King of Pop”

  1. Not particularly fond of how you used the word “dead”. In writing articles it is best to be politically and socially mindful of how you use certain terms. The word ‘deceased’ could be used in place of ‘dead’ and in the header the word could be omitted completely- based on the fact that the majority of people would know that the reference is to MJ.

    The use of your current term appears to lack respect towards him, and it could taken in a much more polite and endearing tone with a change of words. Keep in mind things such as this as you are writing your articles!

  2. I’m OK with “dead.” The use of other words to mean “dead” only reveals our society’s discomfort with death. Tom, a reporter can’t be worried about being “endearing” toward a subject.

  3. Tom, to tell you the truth, you are overanalyzing this. The word dead can be respectful. I know that i shouldn’t bash you but I have a feeling you are uncomfortable with the word dead, as am I. To be honest, you bashing a reporter who did a great job covering this story about his choice of words is not time well spent.


  4. I kind of agree with “dead” being a not-so-great word choice, although i really don’t care much either way… one thing i do want to mention though
    and this isnt directly aimed at this article or anything, but i dont like how when i full-screen the videos, they dont get any bigger

  5. I honestly have to say that I am disappointed in how the article and slideshow of the show seems to be a bit biased. Despite what the editor or filmographer’s preference is to any particular performance, each performance (or a wide range) should be spotlighted and not multiple of any singular act. UST has many gifted and talented students in different avenues which thus reflects to the different types of art they perform. Please be mindful to show the great array of this and leave and personal/biased preferences outside of the article/photos.

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