Take Five: Best scary movies of the 2000s

October has come, and Halloween is only a few weeks away. For those who can’t wait for some good shrieks and shivers, here are five of the last few years’ freakiest films.

<p>"The Amityville Horror"/Salon.com</p>
"The Amityville Horror"/Salon.com

1. “The Amityville Horror” (2005)

“The Amityville Horror,” a remake of the 1979 movie by the same title, features Ryan Reynolds, who does a surprisingly terrifying job in an unusual role. Typically cast as the wise guy, Reynolds plays George Lutz, who moves with his new wife and her three children to a house with some history. But as the family settles in, the house begins to unveil its horrific past to the stepfather, slowly wearing down his psyche and leaving the others with few places to hide.

2. “28 Days Later” (2002)

<p>"28 Days Later"/Best-horror-movies.com</p>
"28 Days Later"/Best-horror-movies.com

Perhaps the greatest zombie flick ever made, “28 Days Later” opens with some true horror—complete abandonment and unawareness. A young man named Jim comes to consciousness in a trashed hospital and ventures into the London streets, confused by its devastated and abandoned state. Jim quickly finds that he is not alone and must fight to survive with the few humans left. The movie’s quick attacks and pulsating soundtrack will leave you gasping for what’s next.

3. “El Orphanato” (2007)

<p>"El Orfanato"/Programasdetv.net</p>
"El Orfanato"/Programasdetv.net

Producer Guillermo del Toro, who awed movie goers with 2006’s “Pan’s Labyrinth,” brought a new thrilling tale to audiences with “El Orphanato.” When Laura and Carlos decided to open an orphanage for disabled children in their ocean side home, they only had the best of intentions. But when their son went missing, they had to put their plans on hold. Laura, an orphan herself, searches everywhere, even looking into her past. The ending comes with an unforeseeable twist.

4. “Silent Hill” (2006)

<p>"Silent Hill"/Examiner.com</p>
"Silent Hill"/Examiner.com

Based on the popular video game series, “Silent Hill” pulls all the stunts to get your blood running. Horrific characters, witch hunts and nighttime terrors come out in this story of a mother who takes her disturbed daughter to the town haunting the little girl’s nightmares. But the two get separated after a snowy car crash, and as Rose tracks down her child in the creepy town, she also discovers its hellish creatures and the inhabitants’ terrible past.

5. “30 Days of Night” (2007)

<p>"30 Days of Night"/Brutalashell.com</p>
"30 Days of Night"/Brutalashell.com

“30 Days of Night,” which features Minnesota native Josh Hartnett, came out a year before the “Twilight”- and “True Blood”- inspired vampire craze took over Hollywood. Set in isolated Alaskan village during a month of darkness, the movie shows how the townspeople come together and fight for survival when a pack of flying, blood-thirsty atheists begin an attack in search of their ultimate elixir. With nowhere to run, Hartnett and his co-stars must protect their homes and lives.

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