Take Five: Reasons to love “Lost”

When I returned to Cretin Hall from Thanksgiving break freshman year, my roommate asked me a life-changing question: “Have you ever seen ‘Lost’?”

From that moment, I was pulled deeper and deeper into the modern television phenomenon. Besides anxiously waiting every week of the past three springs for a new episode to air, I have spent incalculable hours re-watching seasons on DVD during breaks. I simply cannot get enough of the action, suspense, romance, polar bears, confusion and absolutely everything else.

When ABC airs “LA X,” the first episode of “Lost’s” sixth and final season, at 8 p.m. Tuesday, I fully expect to relive the pure excitement and amazement I felt when my roommate showed me the pilot episode. In case you’re not as ecstatic as I am right now, let me tell you why I love “Lost.”

1. The depth

Right away, I could tell “Lost” wasn’t like most network TV shows. You can’t just casually watch from time to time and pick up on what’s going on. “Lost” requires 100 percent focus during viewings and dedication to each episode. Some people have said the show is too hard to get into, which is true, but that difficulty is also part of what makes it so great. Every detail is important; each moment matters.

2. The cast

Although some of the actors on “Lost” had recognizable roles before the show, most got their big break on the island, and that’s despite the show having an enormous cast. All the characters have meaningful parts in the story, but some of the actors have taken their parts to unbelievable levels with their skills. The “Lost” cast, which has been nominated for numerous Emmy and Golden Globe awards, is the most diverse and impressive lineup on TV.

3. The fans

Everyone probably knows a “Lost” fan or two. Whether you can’t stand them or enjoy their nerdiness, you recognize their dedication. Tons of fansites are devoted to discussing the Dharma Initiative and theories on time travel. Each site is filled with pages cataloguing every thing that could possibly be connected to the show. Call it obsessive if you want, but the commitment “Lost” fans share has been taken to an unprecedented level.

4. The writers

Most TV shows tend to fade during their final seasons. Instead of gallantly riding off into the sunset, they do more of a flimsy limp into the gutter. “Lost,” however, has managed to maintain strong viewership and exceed expectations, mostly due to its superb writers. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, the main creative minds behind all the flashbacks and cliffhangers, continue to think of new ways to keep the show fresh and the viewers satisfied, and they promise this season will be no different.

5. The mystery

The one thing on everyone’s mind this season is how “Lost” will end, and no one really knows. Sure, plenty of theories and speculation are floating around, but the one thing that keeps people coming back to “Lost” is that you can never know what happens next. The show has taken the simple premise of being stuck on a deserted island and twisted it in so many unimaginable ways. From smoke monsters to nuclear weapons, “Lost” always manages to blow my mind.

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  1. The premiere episode of season 6 is actually entitled “LA X”. (I’m sure the space is important.)

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