Take Five: Tastiest meals on campus

Looking for some yummy food on campus? Put away the macaroni and cheese and those frozen pizzas and check out the five tastiest meals St. Thomas has to offer.

1. Sweet and sour chicken from the Binz

One of the perks of living on South Campus freshman year was experiencing all the meals—both good and not so good—at the Binz. While everyone in Brady and Dowling Hall was out socializing, I discovered one of my all-time favorite meals: sweet and sour chicken. Soaked in a spicy brown sauce, the dish has fantastic flavor and the Binz’s sticky rice makes for the perfect side. Seconds are a must.

2. Patty melt from the Grill

From time to time, people crave something deliciously greasy and cheesy. Lucky for us Tommies, the Grill has just the fix. A patty melt consists of ground beef surrounded by American and cheddar cheeses, all grilled in two pieces of bread. It’s like a grilled cheese that swallowed a hamburger and after getting dipped in ketchup, it couldn’t taste better. Grab some fries or chips to round out this fast-food meal, but just don’t forget to workout afterward.

3. Pepperoni calzone from Food for Thought

Well worth the 15-minute shuttle ride to St. Thomas’ Minneapolis campus, Food for Thought’s pepperoni calzone packs in the Italian flavor. The baked bread makes for a perfectly crunchy compliment to the gooey meat and cheese fillings. Pour on some marinara sauce or keep things clean in the serving dish and you’ve got yourself one top-notch entrée. Food for Thought also offers a well-stocked salad bar to round out the feast.

4. Buffalo chicken sandwich from the Binz

Another lunchtime favorite from the south side, the Binz’s buffalo chicken sandwich will leave you satisfied yet craving some more. The chicken takes a blazing bath in buffalo sauce right before reaching your tray to ensure the hottest of flavors. This sandwich goes great with some blue cheese from the salad bar and if you can sneak some spiced chips from Mary’s condiment bar, it’s almost like you’re at your very own barbeque.

5. Chicken Caesar wrap from Scooter’s

Scooter’s offers a large menu of food items not found elsewhere on campus, but students keep going back for one in particular—the chicken Caesar wrap. The mix between crunchy romaine lettuce, lots of Parmesan cheese and grilled chicken makes for one great wrap. Yet be sure to ask for a diced chicken breast instead of the shredded meat. Taken down with a fruit bowl, this grilled wrap serves as an excellent light meal.

Grant Goerke can be reached at gdgoerke@stthomas.edu

4 Replies to “Take Five: Tastiest meals on campus”

  1. Grant, I have to respectfully disagree with one omission from the list. I believe that it is almost universally agreed that Mary’s sandwiches are the best meal anywhere on campus. There are very few things in this world that are better than two slices of bread smothered in a homemade spread, piled high with meat and cheese. To mention Mary’s sandwich bar as simply a place to grab chips from is a great injustice.

  2. I have to second the mention of Mary’s sandwich bar.  If there’s one reason to have a meal plan on this campus, it’s Mary!  Make sure to tell her spicy-icy on wheat!

  3. “While everyone in Brady and Dowling Hall was out socializing?” Really?! OK, I know South Campus has a reputation to be lame and boring. here is the thing, I do not know if anyone knows this yet, but Jake Wakem and the South Campus Staff is putting South Campus “Back on the Map!” Watch out!

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