Business clubs battle in kickball tournament

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Video by Ellie Galgano

After weeks of trash talk and club promotion, the first business club kickball tournament kicked off Friday afternoon at Merriam Park in St. Paul.

With a traveling trophy and bragging rights on the line, the table was set for serious kickball and inter-club competition.

Members from the Financial Management Association (FMA), American Marketing Association (AMA), Accounting Club, Delta Sigma Pi, Entrepreneurial Society and Real Estate Society played in the round robin tournament. A total of 50 students from the various clubs combined into four teams to compete.

“It’s a great way to meet people outside of your major and classes,” said senior FMA board member Hailey Helm. “It’s a fun event that can incorporate all the clubs.”

Long before the first ball was rolled, the pre-game gloating had set the stage for great competition.

“We’re going deep; kick the ball long,” said senior Nick Anderson of the AMA team. “We want to make them run around and just score the runs early.”

At the end of the afternoon, it was the Entrepreneurial Society team that won the trophy and the bragging rights. That is until the spring tournament is played.

“Now we’ve got an awesome trophy,” Helm said. “Hopefully [the tournament] will continue through the years as all the clubs get bigger.”

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