Library turns techie with additions for students

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The library has two new high-tech additions designed to enhance students’ academic performance.

Students now have access to a Walkstation and Media Scape, both located on the first floor. The Walkstation is a treadmill that allows students to walk while studying, reading or writing a paper.

“The idea is that activity enhances brain function,” said Library Director Dan Gjelten. “Reading, studying, and even writing while moving improves the quality of work that you’re doing.”

Student response to the Walkstation has been mixed, Gjelten said. But Media Scape, a tool that allows multiple users to work on laptops and project what’s on the laptops onto a screen, has been popular.

“This has been in place for a little over a week now, and two to three groups a day have used it,” Gjelten said.

The additions could become permanent in the library if people use them frequently.

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