St. Thomas fans vent on MNF refs

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The Seattle Seahawks/Green Bay Packers “Monday Night Football” game caused even more uproar over the NFL’s replacement referees after a controversial final play on Sept 24. Seattle’s Russell Wilson threw a 24-yard pass, which was grabbed by Green Bay’s M.D. Jennings and Seattle’s Golden Tate. Jennings had the ball pinned to his chest while wrestling for possession with Tate, who had a hand on the ball. Officials deemed simultaneous possession of the pass, which counted as reception for Seattle and led to its 14-12 victory.

Despite uproar from coaches, players and fans, the NFL announced Tuesday that the call would stand, but it acknowledged that Tate should have been penalized for offensive pass interference when he shoved a Green Bay defender away with two hands before the game-winning catch. The Associated Press reported that the league met with locked-out officials Tuesday in an attempt to resolve the conflict, but the discussions have not been made public.