‘E-cigarettes’ bring smoking back inside

The electronic cigarette, which arrived in the U.S. in 2006, mimics smoking by replacing tobacco with liquid nicotine, which turns into water vapor when smoked.

8 Replies to “‘E-cigarettes’ bring smoking back inside”

  1. yeah it still looks nasty to be doing it anyways. It will always remain in my mind a filthy habit. This is just one way to bring the filthy habit indoors. It baffles me how people still smoke anyways because it kills you.

  2. @ Dan; it emits a water vapor….worse things come out of the exhaust of a car that drives by you.

  3. Water vapor full of niccotine, i don’t want to inhale that and still think its not something that should be allowed indoors on campus

  4. All you have to do is take a simple chemistry course, you will know the dangers of the ecig. They contain diethylene glycol, which is also a component of anti freeze, that is poison. 
    They also contain nitrosamines, which cause cancer when one is exposed to them for a long time.
    Tetramethylpyrazine,  which causes brain damage in human beings. 

    @ Tom, do proper research, the links (the first)  you list are websites of companies that sell ecigs. They are obvioulsly going to say that they are safe.

    However, it is your right to smoke, it is also our right to make sure that you do not  it in non-smoking areas

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