PULSE ‘Revival’ showcases 35 acts in front of largest audience ever

St. Thomas students had a reason to check their pulse Friday night as fans and members of PULSE gathered in Schoenecker Arena to watch “Revival,” a performance showcasing 35 acts.

Friday’s performance included two shows, and it was the largest combined audience in PULSE history.

“This was our final show for the entire semester,” junior Alyssa Wargin, co-head of choreography said. “We’ve all been working really hard, and so this is our show to let the students at St. Thomas see what we’ve been working on all year long.”

For students like junior Kelsey Hansen, this was her first time experiencing a PULSE show.

“We heard it was really fun,” she said.

For other students, the event was second nature.

“I’ve been singing since fourth grade,” senior Lora Young said. “This is my eighth pulse show. I’ve been doing it every year since I was a freshman.”

“Revival” was also an opportunity for students like senior Stephen Sylvester and junior Justin Schneider’s band “East Side/West Side” to reach a larger audience.

“It is the biggest we’ve ever played in front of,” Schneider said. “It’s just a really good opportunity to get all these people together.”

For senior choreographer Kiana Williams, Friday night was a community collaboration that encouraged passionate performances and captivated audiences.

“It’s a great group of people, and we just have a good time,” Williams said. “It’s about really just… getting out there and just showing your passion.”

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