Bike enthusiasts prepare for harsh weather

For many St. Thomas students, bicycling around campus is the easiest way to get around. But with harsh weather around the corner, many bicycle enthusiasts are ready to lock up their bikes for the season.

Junior Tom Reusz said he is worried about wet conditions.

“I plan on riding it until there’s snow,” Reusz said. “So if there’s any precipitation, snow, or stuff on the ground, I try not to ride in it because it might rust and stuff like that.”

Bicycle enthusiast senior Tim Savre said he makes sure to keep safety a top priority during the upcoming months.

“Slow down a little bit just watch out for the ice on some of the corners, especially, and of course always make sure I’m wearing a helmet,” Savre said.

Fellow cyclist and junior Matt Ghiloni agreed.

“The days are getting shorter and so it’s getting darker earlier,” Ghiloni said. “Making sure that you’re visible to vehicles is the most important especially when the roads get narrower with the snow.”

St. Thomas Public Safety requests that all bikes are removed for the winter to accommodate for snow removal. Bikes left on campus will be tagged, and after a period of time, removed and stored for 90 days. If not recovered within 90 days, the bike will be given to a local charity.

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