College Democrats and Republicans face off for first time

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St. Thomas’ College Democrats and College Republicans went toe-to-toe Wednesday night in their first-ever debate.

The Philosophy Club moderated the public policy debate, which was held in the 3M Auditorium of Owens Science Hall. The debate consisted of pre-selected questions on the economy, budget, energy and environment, healthcare and national defense.

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8 Replies to “College Democrats and Republicans face off for first time”

  1. Interesting arguments for public option. However, we simply can’t afford it. The national debt is already so high that the federal government is in danger of losing its AAA credit rating. Now, Congress adds a nearly $1 Trillion health care bill. And of course, government programs always cost more than promised.

    On a side note, this is my first visit to the site. I am very impressed.


  2. I was there at least for the debate on health care and the economy and the Republicans clearly dominated the Democrats in this issues, as should happen. We DON’T want this socialist health care law.

  3. Ok Matthew- I agree with you. I am a republican and against “Obamacare,” but you go about the arguments against the law in the WORST way possible. You need to start using concrete facts and/or studies to support your opinions. The comments you have made here on TommieMedia have done nothing but give the GOP a bad name. Please use common sense from now on when making arguments against the heath care bill and other issues that deeply affect republicans and everyone across the nation.

  4. Both sides had some good arguments. Ultimately, I do think the College Republicans were a bit stronger. And I agree with John. Matthew, you only attract negative attention with some of your comments.

  5. I am not here to promote either party. When it comes to politics, I promote individual rights. I’m in business – that’s why I say what I think bluntly; I don’t have to speak like a politician.

  6. You can speak bluntly and intelligently at the same time.  It seems that you have drawn negative attention from all areas of the spectrum with your unsubstantiated accusations and statements.  If you want to be successful in business, you have to know your facts first ;)

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