Complimentary Star Tribune copies have one more USG hurdle

The Undergraduate Student Government voted to keep its self-funded readership program Sunday night by a vote of 27-6.

In previous years, USG has financed a subscription for 200 copies of the Star Tribune every weekday for students to read on campus. The subscription has yet to be renewed this semester as the USG determines its next actions.

Questions raised about the program include the significant cost of the program (about $3,500 a semester), as well as sustainability and accessibility issues.

The council’s approval of the program does not necessarily mean that the program will function as in previous years. The issue was referred to the finance committee, which will determine its recommendations and report back at next week’s meeting. The general council will then have the option to approve or disapprove the finance committee’s recommendations.

Special elections have been moved to this week. Freshman residential senator and transfer senator are the only remaining open positions on the USG council.

Election packets are due Friday by 8 p.m. and are available in the USG office, MHC 111, and on the USG Web site. Special elections, unlike the USG general elections, are not voted on by the student body. The positions will be voted on by the general council at next Sunday’s meeting.