Construction: alarm clock and distraction

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090901_Construction_JCK003The construction of the new Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex is making progress, but it’s also giving some on-campus residents more than they’ve bargained for.

“I can hear jack hammers and the crane going up, and a bunch of hammering,” said Brady Hall resident Peter Anderson. “Then I try to go back to sleep with all the commotion. It usually doesn’t work too well.”

But for some students, the noise is affecting more than sleep. Students and faculty in nearby classroom buildings, such as O’Shaughnessy Hall said that the noise disrupts classes.

“During class, you hear drilling all the time and you can hear the bulldozers,” junior Kori Trenda said. “It’s a little frustrating especially since our class room is kitty-corner to the construction so it’s a little bit of a distraction I’d say.”

Even though the noise is inconvenient to residence halls and classrooms, it is not expected to change for the next few months as construction workers enclose the building.

“It is just part of the process the construction has to go through in order to get us a building,” said St. Thomas construction manager Dick Dubbels.

Although it’s an inconvenience right now, students are looking forward to the final product.

“In the end it’ll be worth it,” freshman Kyle Chamberlain said. “I mean we’re going to get a brand new recreational center.”

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  1. I’m so glad my room in Brady faces the quad. Every now and again I’ll here some noise, but it’s not too bad.

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