First food items served in new Anderson Student Center

The Anderson Student Center, which officially opens its doors Tuesday, Jan. 17, let employees and workers in the building to buy items from Scooters and the Summit Market Place for the first time Monday.

Senior Annyetta Keefe was one of the students working in the new Scooters.

“Today we are cooking for all of the employees, the physical plant or construction workers,” Keefe said. “We’re trying to start up all the equipment for the opening next week.”

Keefe said that out of all of the items being served, the pizzas were the biggest hit. However, Scooters made them in a new way.

“Today we’re trying to promote the pizzas. The brick oven is absolutely awesome,” Keefe said. “People think, ‘How can we put out the same pizza just with having the oven be the difference?’ It’s 200 times better.”

Junior Andrew Falck, who was also working in Scooters, agreed.

“Everybody thinks we changed every ingredient about it, but it’s the same,” Falck said. “The crust is what is different. It’s well-cooked.”

Dean of Students Karen Lange said that she came down from her new office on the second floor to order something for lunch.

“I think I’m going to order a slice of pizza,” Lange said. “Did you see the wood burning pizza oven? It’s phenomenal.”

An area where students can get grab and go items from Scooters connects to the Summit Market Place, which is the new C-Store.

Junior Justin Titus stocked the shelves with new products and said there are new foods to expect in the store.

“It’s more like a convenient store,” Titus said. “We have pastries now and coffee and fountain drinks.”

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