Football fans warned about offensive attire

Students traveling to St. John’s for the football game this Saturday have been warned.

In a Bulletin post earlier today, Jane Canney, St. Thomas’ vice president for Student Affairs, reminded students that anyone wearing “disrespectful” clothing to the game may not get in.

“We want to create a positive experience for you, our guests, parents alumni and friends who may be attending the game,” Canney said in the post.

Individuals with shirts showing vulgar or inappropriate language or images will have to change before entering Clemens Stadium. For last year’s game at St. Thomas, officials made students cover up or turn offensive T-shirts inside out.

“I can see both sides, but it seems odd to limit student expression,” said senior Josh Brix. “In the nature of the rivalry, it makes sense to do this kind of thing. It’s all in good fun.”

As reported yesterday, student-designed shirts in the spirit of the Tommie-Johnnie rivalry have sold well in the last few weeks.

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