Michelle Branch to perform Sept. 26

Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Michelle Branch will give an outdoor concert at 7 p.m. Sept. 26.

The STAR-sponsored concert will be held on South Campus, similar to the Sara Bareilles concert last spring. According to STAR programming intern Cassie Jacobson, Branch’s visit to campus is good timing.

“We really wanted to look for a different type of artist,” said Jacobson, a senior. “In the last couple years, it’s been typically male performers. [Branch] has a new CD coming out so it’s good timing. I think it will be a good show. I hope she’s well received.”

Before the concert, STAR will serve a barbecue behind O’Shaughnessy Science Hall. “Walking tacos” – made in a bag of taco chips mixed with ground beef, lettuce and tomatoes – will be dished out. Vegetarian walking tacos will also be available.

The construction on the new athletic center made STAR’s job of finding an act difficult.

“For Michelle, she was a suggestion from our agent,” Jacobson said. “It was really difficult finding a performer for this concert because of the limitations without the field house.”

This was also the only Saturday open this fall for a concert, because of other events going on around campus.

“I really like [outdoor concerts],” Jacobson said. “I think it’s a great experience and the weather was gorgeous last time.”

STAR will also sponsor Eric Hutchinson for a homecoming concert Oct. 10. This concert will be held in the O’Shaughnessy Educational Center auditorium. Local singer/songwriter Ari Herstand will open for Hutchinson.

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7 Replies to “Michelle Branch to perform Sept. 26”

  1. Branch is the same type of pop music that St. Thomas always has. St. Thomas just had a female artist come last semester. If STAR wants to do something different, it should bring in a different genre of music like hip hop, not just switch up the the gender.

  2. So, I really don’t think anybody will even go to this. Why don’t they actually pick an artist that more than 100 people are interested in? Both Michelle Branch and Eric Hutchinson are terrible!

  3. Michelle Branch? Are you kidding me!?! Different type of artist? I think not. Sara Bareilles (spring concert) is the same artist as Michelle Branch. Why does the student body get no input to who the concert is? After all, it is our money they are spending.

  4. Doesn’t St. Thomas sponsor The Current?!? Michelle Branch?? Really?? I’d like to see a little more creativity and variety, UST.

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