More than 100 students petition Scooter’s for wontons

Scooter’s removed cream cheese wontons from its menu at the beginning of the fall semester, spurring sophomore Elizabeth Stephenson to start a petition to bring them back.

Stephenson’s petition currently has 109 signatures and counting.

“The cream cheese wontons were my favorite item on the menu at Scooter’s, and I was really upset to see that they were gone when I came back to school,” Stephenson said.

Supporters left comments on the petition to echo Stephenson’s sentiments.

“I love wontons and was really, really sad when they got kicked off the menu,” sophomore Sophia Blankman commented.

Scooter’s updates its menu every semester, but bigger changes were made this fall than in previous years. New additions include street tacos and paninis, but the wontons were too expensive to make and did not sell well enough to stay, according to Scooter’s supervisor Nick Ortega.

“We look at what sells the most,” Ortega said. “We track that throughout the semester to see what our popular and least popular items are.”

The changes are also part of a new effort to create standardized recipes for all dining services facilities.

“Eventually they’re going to have those recipes online so the student population can see them,” Ortega said. “If they have allergy issues or general questions they can look up items and see what they can and can’t eat, or how many calories per serving for certain items.”

The wontons may be gone for now, but they could potentially return.

“Nothing would ever be gone forever,” Ortega said. “If a demand is there, we are always willing to put items on our menu that we can feasibly make in the kitchen. At the end of the day we’re a customer service operation, and we need to serve things that our customer base wants.”

Stephenson plans to wait until her petition gains more traction before bringing it to Scooter’s management.

“I would like to have at least 150 signatures,” Stephenson said, “then I plan on meeting with the manager of Scooter’s or someone on Dining Services who has the power to hear our voices and bring this change that we want to see.”

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  1. “The changes are also part of a new effort to create standardized recipes for all dining services facilities.” Isn’t the point have having a variety of dining facilities on campus to have a variety of dining experiences as well? I appreciate being to alternate between T’s and Scooters; both have good food but different menus.

  2. Literally this is what you guys use a petition on? Looks like UST hasn’t changed much since I left and transferred to a better school with people who were more realistic about life’s strifes.

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