New physical education courses keep students ‘on their toes’

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This semester, St. Thomas is kicking its new physical education program into gear by adding new courses.

Physical education used to be a mandatory zero-credit course, but St. Thomas has revised the program by offering it as an optional two-credit course that students can pay for.

Course instructor John Tschida said the change has been a positive one.

“It adds a different element,” he said. “There’s always been an academic component but with credit allotted to [the class] kids take it a little more seriously.”

Classes offered this fall include a course for beginning women golfers and a boot camp course. Tschida and fellow instructor Ruth Sinn both teach the boot camp class that combines kickboxing and step aerobics.

The change in course curriculum has been refreshing for students.

“It’s something that’s completely new to me and it literally keeps me on my toes,” said junior Brendan Lyon about the boot camp course. “I’m a history major. I’m just in here because I freakin’ love it.”

Course options are currently limited for students but the department plans on widening the class options in the coming months. Future courses will include a class on ice skating and a volleyball course.

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