Renovations made to Brady Educational Center

Brady Educational Center renovations were completed this J-term, and the choir room received most of the improvements.

“It’s more conducive to a choral atmosphere,” chamber singer Erica Bye said about the recent renovations.

The renovations included new hardwood floors to replace the tile flooring, whiteboards instead of chalkboards, and new lighting and a fresh paint job. The walls were also redone to improve the acoustics.

Music Department Chair Matthew George said, “When the students went in the room for the first time, they were amazed at the change.”

Women’s choir member freshman Michelle Graff said, “The new room gives us a better sound.”

While the rehearsal room experienced the most changes, some classrooms benefited from new lighting and carpet as well.

George said the professors who use these rooms appreciate the renovations, which “[affect] their psyche in a positive way.”

While the majority of the renovations in BEC are complete, there is always an ongoing list of future renovations, George said. This list includes projects such as sound proofing, but no official timeline has been set. New furniture for the foyer has also been ordered, he said.

St. Thomas hopes to remodel the auditorium by putting in new seating, walls and lighting, Bye said, and these renovations will benefit student performance.

“The auditorium is not welcoming for any art expression,” she said.

Until funding comes through, George said, “We are just trying to make the best in a building that wasn’t built for music.”

A new fine arts building was included in this year’s capital campaign, but the project can’t be started until the funds are available. The new building would either be a brand-new building or BEC would be completely gutted and rebuilt, George said.

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3 Replies to “Renovations made to Brady Educational Center”

  1. Wow, Spend money to fix up BEC, but it could be gutted or replaced in the near future. Seems to be a waste of money. If it’s taken down a nice green space (park) should be installed or another parking ramp..

  2. Hey, this is great! BEC really desperately needed some updates. Makes that 5.2% tuition increase a wee bit less of a bitter pill.

  3. TJ-

    If BEC was taken down, a new music building would be put up right in it’s spot.  There’s quite a bit of green space behind it, I think that’s sufficient.

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