6 Replies to “News in :90 – Sept. 15, 2009”

  1. I have listened to her several times, and I keep hearing “patriotic cancer.” I know that she should have said pancreatic cancer.

  2. I’m going to vote for a slightly soft ‘a’ on “pancreatic” — pronouncing it more as “pan-cree-AW-tic” than “pan-cree-AT-ic”. We nasal Minnesotans need to make sure that we’re forcing those “A”s up through the sinuses, in addition to liberal use of “you bet” and “don’t-cha-know”.

    Seriously, I think this stuff is great — keep up the good work (Pauleen and the rest) and be thankful that you’ve got enough people watching so closely that we can have a good-natured debate about one word.

    (Speaking of good-natured: I have a feeling that, on some of the other local papers’ comment threads, at this point we’d be screaming about how Patrick Swayze’s patriotism should be called into question because he had a health issue which means he must have supported the President’s health care plan with is terrible because Obama wasn’t born in the United States which means he’s an alien and I bet Swayze was an extraterrestrial too and that’s why George Bush gave him cancer while flying the remote-control airliner on 9/11 and…)

  3. Ron – it’s ok. Just turn up the volume on your computer and you’ll here Pauleen say “pancreatic”. I promise.

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