O’Shaughnessy Hall time capsule offers glimpse of 1939

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Students, faculty and staff recently caught a glimpse of life at the College of St. Thomas in the 1930s. At a ceremony Wednesday, a time capsule that had been housed in O’Shaughnessy Hall for more than 70 years was opened, revealing items from the time of the building’s construction.

The ceremony was held in the O’Shaughnessy–Frey Library, as some people were eager to see what St. Thomas’ past had left behind.

The tin capsule was full of documents, including a College of St. Thomas bulletin from 1939; “The Story of St. Thomas College” book; a Nov. 4, 1938, edition of the Aquin with the headline, “New Athletic Building Construction Begins;” and most surprisingly, a Canadian quarter.

The Rev. Dennis Dease, university president, explained the importance of O’Shaughnessy Hall to the university.

“This building, which housed this capsule for 70 years, has been one of our signature buildings,” Dease said. “It was really our first true athletic building, and it was the first major donation from the esteemed and now legendary I. A. O’Shaughnessy.”

Dease also said that preparations are underway for a new time capsule to be placed in the Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex.

“I expect that sometime in the next century, our successors, as they prepare to replace one of our new buildings, will experience some of the same feelings of curiosity and intrigue as they gaze upon a time capsule that they just extracted from the building,” Dease said.

There is no word on what will be placed in the new time capsule.

Zach Pagano can be reached at paga7147@stthomas.edu.