On-campus interviews offer more internships, fewer jobs

Employers are interviewing students on campus for fewer full-time jobs, according to the Career Development Center. But employers are interviewing for more summer internships.

And more large corporations and organizations are hiring for summer 2010 positions than in previous years.

The poor economy has not influenced the number of employers coming to interview, but rather the type of position they are looking for, said Jennifer Kaysen-Rogers, employer relations specialist at the Career Development Center.

“The last three falls [2006-2008] have really been exceptional in terms of the number of employers recruiting on campus. I am quite pleased because we’re only what I’d consider slightly down from our numbers last fall,” Rogers said.

Rogers said students and parents are paying attention to the dismal state of the economy and student participation numbers have increased over the last two years as a result.

“That’s great; you’re taking advantage of every opportunity to try and get in front of employers,” she said. “This program is just one opportunity.”

Competing for an interview

Since last year, the process has become more competitive as the number of students granted an interview has decreased. Rogers said she doesn’t think this is a reflection of the quality of the applicant, but employers simply do not have openings due to the recession.

“Either they don’t have full-time jobs, or if they do, they’re only hiring a very few number of people,” she said. “They can be really selective … really picky about who they want to interview.”

Rogers emphasized that because on-campus interviews are for summer positions, St. Thomas juniors should be ready to apply now.

“For the people who’d like internships for large corporations, they should really be checking out this list now, so they don’t miss it,” Rogers said.

The interviews began Sept. 28 and will continue until the first week of November. The interviews come around again in the spring. Resumes must be turned in 10 to 14 days prior to the date of the interview, so companies have time to review them.

The Career Development Center has more information about the program on its Web site, including the list of employers visiting this fall and how to apply.

Sally Schreiber can be reached at sfschreiber@stthomas.edu