Ordinance would put onus for underage drinking on landlords

A proposed ordinance holds St. Paul landlords responsible for underage drinking parties on their properties.

City leaders will consider an ordinance that punishes adults who knowingly allow parties where minors are drinking alcohol, including landlords.

St. Paul Alderman Russ Stark says landlords should bear some of the responsibility. But, landlord Christa Delfiacco says she shouldn’t be held responsible for the conduct of her tenants.

The ordinance carries a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a fine of $1,000. It’s up for a vote next month.

One Reply to “Ordinance would put onus for underage drinking on landlords”

  1. thats stupid to think that the landlord is going to be checking in on their tenants like a parent. we are adults renting these houses/apartments and only we should be held responsible for the parties. it looks like st. paul is not happy with punishing one person for parties. what’s wrong with just giving out minors or clearing out the parties like the police normally do? all this is going to do is create more paperwork for the police in tracking down the landlord and doing what, asking them why they weren’t babysitting thier tenants?!

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