Piles of junk mail in campus mailboxes

Most St. Thomas students don’t like junk mail and throw it away immediately. Some wonder why they even get it.

John Barron, service center director, said they can’t throw away any student mail.

“As much as we have opinions about certain pieces, whether we want to distribute certain kinds of mail or other kinds of mail, we can’t let that go into it,” Barron said. “We have to follow the rules.”

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2 Replies to “Piles of junk mail in campus mailboxes”

  1. What about things issued by the university such as The Servant, the majority of those newspapers are thrown out without even a glance by the students.  Wouldn’t it be more cost effective, and labor effective for The Servant to be distributed in common areas, and those that are interested can grab one?  Otherwise the newspaper recycling bins will continue to be busy and full of The Servant for months to come…

  2. Obviously they can’t throw away mail that they receive for delivery, but the vast majority of mail in my mailbox is from St. Thomas.  Some crappy Catholic newspaper, and a bunch of other stuff I never look at.  For wanting to cut down on printing, UST sure wastes a lot of money putting stuff in our mailboxes we don’t look at.

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