Sandy aftermath: finally, a flight back

NEW YORK — It’s amazing how much New York has changed in two days. The government has done a spectacular job at reconstructing the city after superstorm Sandy’s treacherous wrath. All of the stores on Times Square and Broadway plays reopened yesterday. Now, to remind you, I am in a relatively safe place. The conditions around Battery Park and the Jersey Shore are still suffering.

During the chaos of the superstorm, I heard from several news sources that LaGuardia Airport was underwater and had suffered a lot of damage. I would have never guessed this after arriving here today. It seems completely normal. It’s not even that busy. With more than 15,000 flights canceled due to the storm, I was expecting the airport to be an outright circus. However, my family got through security in a breeze. It’s surprising how under control everything is. New York City really got its act together. There’s already several subway trains that restarted, and a majority of major corporations have put their employees back to work. Looking at New York City now, I would have never expected that such a horrid storm came through.

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