St. Kate’s alerts students after three harassment reports

St. Catherine University officials are alerting students about campus safety after three students reported suspicious behavior.

St. Kate’s spokesperson Amy Gage said three women reported being harassed on or near campus.

As soon as St. Kate’s was informed about the three incidents, a crime alert was e-mailed to all residents and posted on doors of campus buildings. Residence Life staff members also talked to students, Gage said.

Two of the three cases occurred off campus in late October. Because the first two incidents occurred near Fairview and Randolph avenues, they were reported to St. Paul Police and not to St. Kate’s officials. Gage said she did not know the exact dates those reports were made.

In the first off-campus case, a student was asked questions about St. Kate’s and was followed. In the second off-campus incident, a man asked a student if she would come with him to have her picture taken, Gage said.

The third on-campus incident occurred about 1:30 a.m. Nov. 3.

“The student was on campus by the tennis courts and the men asked her to come with them to have some fun,” Gage said.

No one was physically assaulted or grabbed in any of the cases.

St. Thomas Associate Director of Public Safety Michael Barrett said no reports have been filed at St. Thomas but they have linked St. Kate’s alert to the St. Thomas crime alert page.

Cynthia Johnson contributed to this report.

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