St. Thomas law prof wins GOP endorsement

Teresa Collett
Teresa Collett

Republicans from Minnesota’s Fourth Congressional District voted to endorse University of St. Thomas law professor Teresa Collett as this year’s GOP candidate.

The endorsement came on the first ballot at the party’s convention in Vadnais Heights on Saturday. Collett won 84 percent of the vote. Republican challenger Brad Lee conceded and pledged his support for Collett.

“Now that we have nominated a candidate, we must work hard to bring our message to all the voters of the Fourth District: Republican, Independent and Democrat,” Collett said. “Unemployment does not know political affiliation, and bankruptcy affects people regardless of party loyalty. We are all suffering in this economy, and so our solutions must be solutions for all.”

Collett, 53, began teaching at St. Thomas in 2003. She is an elected member of the American Law Institute and has testified before U.S. House and Senate committees. Collett represented Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and and various medical groups in the defense of the federal ban on partial-birth abortion. She calls herself a passionate advocate for human life and the family.

DFLer Betty McCollum currently holds Minnesota’s Fourth Congressional seat; she is running for her sixth term this fall.

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  1. Whoo!

    Probably doomed, of course, because, hey, this is MN-4, but Prof. Collett would make a great Congresswoman. If anyone’s going to unseat Rep. McCollum, it’s her, and if it’s ever going to happen, it’s this fall!

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