Students react to election results

The finale of election season brought a sense of relief to St. Thomas students Wednesday.

Junior Emily Clark said she steered clear of social media during the election.

“I am sick of hearing about politics on Facebook and everywhere else,” Clark said. “I have yet to be on Facebook since about 5 (p.m.) yesterday, and I don’t plan on going on for awhile.”

Junior Amy Steingas said she will not miss the campaign advertising either.

“I’m just glad that everyone can focus more on unity now than squabbling with each other over political campaigns,” Steingas said.

The defeat of the marriage amendment marked a milestone for both Minnesota and St. Thomas students and graduates.

St. Thomas alumnus Alfonso Wenker, deputy finance chief for Minnesotans United for All Families, said he was thrilled with the amendment’s defeat.

“We successfully had that conversation with Minnesotans,” Wenker said, “and we were able to talk about what our families look like and what love and commitment mean for all of us.”

Wenker said the landmark decision made Minnesota a leader nationwide.

“As people start to explore really what marriage means, I think we’re going to start to see more and more of these things move forward,” Wenker said.

Sophomore Sarah Al Munayea said she was not happy with either decision on the voter ID or the marriage amendment.

“I don’t know,” Munayea said. “I expected them to pass.”

Senior Nick Henderson said he was also dissatisfied with the elections.

“I feel like it wasted time,” Henderson said. “I wish my vote really counted.”

No matter the results, Clark said that negativity from either side was unnecessary.

“We need to respect each other’s opinions and move on,” Clark said.