Students show their Tommie pride at Schlittentag Sled Day

It wasn’t a typical Saturday night for St. Thomas juniors Lucas Werner, Charlie Luckie and Drew Lindholm. Under the team name “Lady Luck,” the trio competed against 27 other teams at Buck Hill’s Red Bull Schlittentag Sled Day.

“We looked into it a little bit, and we thought it’d be a great idea to build a sled that was St. Thomas-themed and sled down the hill and have fun,” Werner said.

The St. Thomas daredevils unleashed their creativity to prepare a sled for the competition.

“We just kind of grabbed a bunch of random stuff and… kind of threw it together,” Luckie said.

The event isn’t new, but junior Brentley Farber, the event’s host, said it is to Minnesota.

“It’s been going on for a few years outside the country and inside the country. It’s been going on in Northern states… for a few years now,” Farber said. “But it’s the first year it’s in Minnesota and at Buck Hill.”

Each team was judged on three categories: duration it took to get down the hill, distance the sled launched off the jump and sled creativity. But Farber said there was something else the audience was looking forward to.

“Some pretty wicked crashes,” Farber said. “If that doesn’t sound sick.”

Upon entering the competition, team “Lady Luck” and their supporting Tommies radiated confidence.

“Oh, I know we’re going to win,” Luckie said. “I had a fortune cookie today… that said ‘Judgment will be in your favor.’”

Though “Lady Luck” wasn’t so lucky, the guys stayed positive.

“All that matters is that we tried hard, we had fun(and) we looked the best coming down,” Luckie said.

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