Students, staff trying to stay warm

With temperatures dipping below zero for the second consecutive day, St. Thomas students and staff members are trying to find ways to stay warm.

Some students have developed their own strategies to cope with the projected 15-below-zero wind chills.

“Hood up, head down,” freshman Nick Radjenovich said. “Walk as fast as you can to the next warm building.”

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Students and staff talk about how they’re dealing with the cold.

Gayle Lamb, dining services cash operations manager, said she noticed an increase in hot beverage sales during the cold spell.

“People are looking for a warm-up when they come in,” Lamb said. “Especially when they park far away.”

Coffee Bené employee junior Sam Zastrow said she noticed a similar trend with an interesting twist.

“A lot of times people get whipped cream more often when it’s cold outside because it’s more comforting, I guess,” she said.

Bundle up to beat the cold

Hot drinks and whipped cream are not the only solutions for defeating the cold. Another solution is to wear warmer clothes, but many students are neglecting to do so.

“A lot of people don’t wear proper coats, or don’t have proper clothes, and they’re probably suffering,” freshman Nicole Rowles said.

Sophomore Ayo Idowu, who faced the elements in a sweatshirt, agreed that more layers are necessary

“It’s real cold,” Idowu said. “I got my hands in my pockets. I’m not really a jacket wearer, but I probably should be.”

Upcoming forecast

Wind chill readings will become dangerously cold after dark this evening and continue through Wednesday morning.

The Physical Plant has been watching for frozen pipes and ruptures around campus, said Jim Hoffman, physical plant assistant director.

“Knock on wood, no major issues,” Hoffman said. The physical plant is using more fuel in the frigid weather and continuing to focus on snow removal around campus, he added.

A wind chill advisory remains in effect from 9 p.m. Tuesday to noon Wednesday.