2010 Tommie Award nominee: Nick Kor

Nick KorNick Kor, music major, 3.17 GPA

Kor is from Eagan, Minn. He has been involved in many clubs including College Democrats, Students for Justice and Peace and Social Justice Coalition. He has had leadership positions as a VISION leader, Hana president, former UST Allies president, Morrison Hall apartment coordinator, summer orientation leader, Tommie Ambassador and tour guide.

Kor has also participated in the STLF Pay it Forward tour, Talking Circles Retreat, Festival Orchestra Select, St. Thomas guitar ensemble and Concert Choir.

Kor said he has “played classical guitar for almost 13 years.” As a freshman, Kor wishes he had known “how important love was. As tacky as it sounds, I’m 100 percent serious.”

“Love solves all problems. If the idea of loving your life for who you are and living your life to love others existed in everyone’s minds each day, the world would be a completely different place,” he said. “A better place.”

After graduation, Kor said he would like to “work for a non-profit that works with underrepresented communities in helping to create positive change.”

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2 Replies to “2010 Tommie Award nominee: Nick Kor”

  1. Nick Kor should be nominated for best person of the year! I’ve known him for a long while now and he impresses me every day. He’s a good brother, a reliable son and the best friend someone could ask for. He’s always there to give advice, a hug, be a good listener, make you laugh and do his funny little chuckle right back. Nick Kor is honestly the best. All around. I just love him.

    Oh yeah. He loves making the world a better place and anything to do with Star Wars. 

    Good Luck with the Competiton Niem Jo!

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