Two executive USG positions filled

Sophomore Jenna Johnson and junior Collin Kearney were elected to Undergraduate Student Government executive positions on Saturday.

Johnson filled president Mike Orth’s former position as executive vice president, Orth said. Kearney assumed the job of vice president of administrative affairs.

Both Johnson and Kearney held positions on USG before the election, Johnson as elections and credentials chair and Kearney as junior class president.

“Anybody can run. It is the same process if you are on USG or if you are not,” Orth said. “They all have to fill out the same packet [and] get 50 signatures to run for executive board.”

Only USG members are allowed to vote on special elections. Senior USG neighborhood senator David Hackworthy, who was running for executive vice president, said: “I believe that with the two elections in USG this weekend, the most well-qualified candidates who are best able to improve UST in the future were elected.”

Another election will be held on Feb. 25 for freshman and junior class president positions, as well as the elections and credentials chair.

“They are very big positions, they play a big role on USG,” Orth said.

The proposal for a chief of staff position being added to the executive board has been delayed due to the high rate of turnover.

“We are putting the chief of staff position on hold right now until everything gets settled,” Orth said.

Three of six USG executive board positions have been filled since the start of the year.

“Hopefully we won’t change anymore,” Orth said.

Patrick Roche and Olivia Cronin contributed to this story.