USG candidates: Commuter Senator

Freshman Megan Matheny

Megan Matheny, freshman
Why she is running
: “I am interested in this position on USG because next year as a sophomore I will be living off campus and I would like to serve as the liaison for other students living off campus. Serving as this position, I would help connect and keep students updated with events and things happening on campus, along with helping USG accomplish [its] initiatives and goals for the year.”

What she would do if elected: “I would become involved on campus, and help bring commuter students on campus more for different USG, St. Thomas and class events. I would help and build a more connected student life for those living off campus, in order to bring the student body together for fun events and to keep everyone informed with things occurring around St. Thomas. I would work with the commuter center in order to put on events and to make sure off-campus living students are well-informed and invited to everything.”

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