USG candidates: Junior Class Senators

Sophomore Michael Mortensen

Michael Mortenson, sophomore
Why he is running
: “I am running because I would like to get involved around campus and bring new and creative ideas to help make this university better.”

What he would do if elected: “If I were elected, I would work with everyone on the council to implement our ideas that would make a better college experience for the Tommie students.”

Nick Johnson, sophomore
Why he is running:
“I am running for the position to get more involved in the St. Thomas community and try to help implement students’ ideas to make St. Thomas better. ”

<p>Sophomore Nick Johnson</p>
Sophomore Nick Johnson

What he would do if elected: “If elected as Junior Class Senator I would strive to create a “Tommie Shuttle.” This shuttle would run on weekend nightsand safely transport students back to campus. If elected, I would help find solutions to campus problems, listen to student concerns and use my leadership skills to implement new campus ideas. ”

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