USG candidates: Vice President of Administrative Affairs

Sophomore Chris Daniels

Chris Daniels, sophomore
Current position:
Student Spirituality Committee Chair
Why he is running: “I believe I can help USG operate more effectively.”

What he would do if elected: “What do YOU want me to do? Email me.”

David Brand, junior
Why he is running:
“I am running for this position because I feel I can be an effective leader in USG. I have the experience and passion to listen to students’ input and get things done to help further develop the St. Thomas community.”

What he would do if elected: “If elected, I will help to implement changes within USG so it can run more smoothly and effectively. I will also attempt to expand the eXpress account into more possible dining options for students. I will also use my two years of experience in USG to help guide and set a positive example for new members of the USG community.”

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