USG discusses neighborhood sign initiative at meeting

The Undergraduate Student Government discussed its sign initiative Sunday night at its meeting.


Four USG members attended a neighborhood community dinner on Nov. 9. Residents from the Mac-Groveland area and the West Summit Neighborhood Advisory Committee met with USG to discuss the their plans to better student-community relations.

David Hackworthy, WSNAC USG adviser said, “Neighbors were excited to see that we made this a priority this year.

Students for Justice and Peace requested $1,800 to help them attend a conference at the School of Americas in Columbus, Ga.

The event is the largest active, nonviolence conference in the United States. Anthony Guidotti, Social Justice and Peace Studies president, presented the request to USG. He explained the importance of attending the School of Americas conference and learning more about the nonviolence theory.

“It has moved around the world, as we see the news, we see greater importance for us, especially within our Catholic mission to embrace this nonviolence theory as we work toward creating a better world,” Guidotti said.

USG approved the request for $1,800.

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