USG elections fill nearly all vacancies

With one contested race and two write-in candidates, the Undergraduate Student Government announced election results Thursday night.

The freshman class elected Joseph Mueller and Heather Statz as senators. Mike Orth beat Alexis Rodarmel and Chelsea Cierzan for freshman president, the only contested race this fall.

“I think that it was good to see the competitive freshman class presidential race, and it was nice to see those who did campaign,” said elections and credentials chair Corey Dahl. “They did a good job with their campaigns.”

Quinn Abraham was elected sophomore senator.

Sophomore Jared Scharpen will be neighborhood senator for the West Summit Neighborhood Advisory Committee, while sophomore Linnea Bicking will be senator for Merriam Park.

The senior class voted Lindsay Adornato as senior senator. Matt Sweeney was additionally elected as senior class senator, but as a write-in candidate.

Junior Wendy Lor was also a write-in vote. She will be the residential senator.

“It was nice to see that people did mount successful write-in campaigns,” Dahl said. “I think it’s great that that happened.”

Dahl said that USG is still looking into credentials for Lor and Sweeney. Credentials include good academic standing and year standing, among other things.

There are still two seats open in the senate. Dahl said he hopes to fill the freshman residential and transfer senator spots with special elections in the next couple weeks.