Water main breaks, floods sidewalk between Koch Commons and MHC

Water rushed onto the sidewalk and toward Murray-Herrick Center after a water main broke in Koch Commons Friday.

St. Thomas grounds and landscaping personnel worked with Public Safety to clean up the water leakage.

Grounds supervisor Bob Reed said the water main broke and was isolated.

“In the process of trying to isolate it, it pretty much flooded all the way down to the the Lower Quad,” Reed said. “I believe there was some water that went into the lower basement of Koch, but they’ve cleaned that all up and are watching for any more seepage.”

Public Safety closed the MHC door facing the Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex and the sidewalk in front of the AARC.

“There were such deep piles [of snow] all around, we had to break through the piles so that it wouldn’t flow onto the sidewalks,” Reed said. “It stopped leaking now, so I don’t know if they are even planning on fixing it, or if they’ll wait ‘til summer to find out where it was broke underneath.”

Students were unsure how the situation would affect walking traffic to class if the sidewalk was temporarily closed.

“It would be a hassle to get through campus,” sophomore Drew Stephens said. “Honestly I think they are doing the best that they can.”

But freshman Gus Jones was not concerned.

“It seems like everyone has everything under control,” Jones said.

Hannah Anderson can be reached at ande5385@stthomas.edu.