Women getting their chance at intramural football

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This year’s intramural football league wanted to include more than just men, so a co-ed division was created in the traditionally male sport.

Friends Julia Brandes and Ellen Traynor are some of the women taking advantage of the first year of co-ed intramural football. And these women are no strangers to the game of football.

“My dad taught me how to play football a long time ago,” Brandes said.

Traynor’s father taught her too.

“He used to do plays with us in the backyard and we’d play with my sister and my brother and then we’d play with all of the neighborhood boys,” Traynor said.

Last year’s attempt to go co-ed was unsuccessful. But intramural supervisor Allen Clark said this year has been a success as six teams participate with a total of 25 women playing in the league.

“Girls like to play football on the weekends and stuff,” Clark said. “The men’s league is more competitive so after I suggested they move to the co-ed league, they were all for it.”

Even after a hard-fought 16-14 loss, Traynor and Brandes still shake the other team’s hands with smiles.

As for playing football again next fall?

“Next fall, yeah I think so,” Traynor said. “I just love intramurals … you get to do everything.”

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