Five reasons to attend Monday’s student political debate

In ironically perfect timing with Sunday’s “Wrestlemania,” the College Democrats and College Republicans will take to the stage for their second annual debate Monday night. And TommieMedia will play referee.

With politically minded lineups on both sides of the fence, the two groups will go four-on-four in the O’Shaughnessy Educational Center auditorium at 7 p.m. And it’s bound to be as good of a match as when Hulk Hogan took down Andre the Giant at “Wrestlemania III” … with a little more civility.

And if that isn’t enough motivation, here’s why we think it’s important that you come watch eight students jump in the political arena.

1. Learn about the issues: Topics will range from national issues, such as foreign policy and health care to state dilemmas, such as balancing the state budget. The College Republicans and Democrats will present different sides of each issue. So educate yourself; learn about the issues and hear opinions that surround them.

2. Public discourse? Is that possible? You better believe it. The groups will demonstrate civil discussion tomorrow, proving that Democrats and Republicans aren’t always at each other’s throats.

3. Agreement? Yes, you may even see some conformity from the different sides. Or, if we’re lucky, see College Democrat co-chair Tyler “The Hawk” Petersen befriend College Republicans Public Relations Officer John “The Rock” Hofmeister.

4. Participate for yourself: Because it is the 21st century, Facebook will be on the agenda and TommieMedia will offer the opportunity for audience participation. Throw down your questions, and we’ll ask the participants.

5. Support your fellow students: Cheesy, yes. But the College Democrats and Republicans deserve a little loving. Come to OEC to support Taylor Heinlein, Taylor Bottolfson, Zach Pagano and Hofmeister on the red team, and see Thomas Durfee, Kristen Kieta, Cole Trace and Petersen bat for the blue team.

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