God and baseball

Logo_Letters_1On Saturday, May 15, 2010, I was driving with my wife to see a college baseball tournament in Dundas, Minn. It was between four Christian colleges: St. Thomas, Augsburg, St. John’s and Hamline University. My grandson was pitching that day for St. Thomas. I decided that since four Christian colleges were playing, I would pray to God and invite him to the baseball games to watch these four Christian schools.

It was a very warm day in May, clear skies with hardly a breeze. My son and wife are sitting next to me in the stands. It was the beginning of the seventh inning with the score tied between St. Thomas and Hamline. As the teams were taking a break between batters, there appeared a dust tornado about six-feet tall spinning at third base. The dust tornado proceeded to move toward second base, and when it got there, it disappeared. There was no breeze or any movement at the time.

My son turned to me and said, “Looks like God just made himself known.” I was silent but had a smile on my face. People around me shook their heads, and some said, “What was that?” The game went on and my grandson’s team won in the 11th inning. Every time I think of that moment, I think of my invitation and just smile.

— Darhl Nelson

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  1. He was there! I had just sat down during the seventh inning after visiting the concession stand when I looked down into my just-purchase bag of Cheetos, when I noticed that the top-most Cheeto bore a striking resemblance to his Lord Jesus (genuflect). I am saving this Cheeto into perpetuity, and I hope that someday my grandchildren will reflect back on His Lord’s grace when they take this holy Cheeto to be appraised at Antiques Roadshow (but only the UK version–the US version is too secular). God bless!

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