How to stay healthy

For college students who are trying to meet the demands of school, work and activities, grabbing a quick meal on the run is part of daily routines. Some students would say it is cheaper and easier to grab quick comfort foods such as fries and chicken fingers than to take the time to be conscious about their diet. However, there are many ways to still be nutritionally conscious while on the go.  ops logo

Here are tips for eating healthy in a fast-paced lifestyle.

1. Get the most out of snacking

Pack quick handy snacks such as fruits, granola bars, trail mix, carrot or celery sticks for when you need to satisfy your hunger throughout the day.

2. Look for healthy alternatives

Always look for the most nutritional alternatives available.

Having the late-night study munchies? Trade in the chips, candy, soda and ice cream for brain foods such as trail mix, fruits, water and yogurt

Substitute high fat dressings such as ranch and honey mustard for vinaigrette.

3. Think variety

Try to eat a variety of different foods among the five major food groups along with eating a variety of different foods within each food group.

For example, eating fruit is a great source of vitamins, and eating a variety of different fruits is important to get the optimal intake of vitamins.

4. Think moderation

It is OK to crave high-calorie items at times. The key to making it fit into healthy eating is moderation. Rather than banning high-calorie foods all together, try reducing the intake. It is OK to splurge once in awhile as long as your diet is made up of mostly vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

5. Know your food

Always read food labels. Low-Fat and fat-free does not necessarily mean low-calorie. Often times, these foods are high in calories from sugar and other refined carbohydrates.

A healthy diet will help improve concentration and mental alertness. So step back from your busy lives and find those healthy options.

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