Tommie Spotlight — Tyrone Simcoe

Goaltender Tyrone Simcoe has been a consistent wall in the net for the St. Thomas men’s hockey team.

Simcoe is an experienced goaltender, who has worked hard to get to where he is today.

“He came in as a freshman. He was our fourth goaltender and came right out of high school, which doesn’t happen anymore,” coach Jeff Boeser said. “He was a good practice guy and never complained.”

After a disappointing loss in the first round of the NCAA playoffs last year against St. Norbert, Simcoe said the team is set on a bigger goal.

“A major team goal for us is to win a national championship,” Simcoe said. “We got a good look at that competition when we went out east to Vermont.”

Forward Travis Baker said Simcoe leads by example on and off the ice.

“He just brings a lot of energy to the locker room,” Baker said. “He’s always very focused, and when it’s game time, he’s always ready to go.”

St. Thomas currently sits second in the MIAC behind Bethel, and as long as Simcoe stays solid, Boeser looks to improve on the team’s 6-5-1 overall record.

“We’re not a high scoring team, so if he makes some big saves and keeps us in the game and gives us a chance to win, then he’s done his job,” Boeser said.

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